Block: Columns

This page tests how the theme displays the columns block. The first block tests a two column block with paragraphs.

This is the second column. It should align next to the first column. Reduce the browser window width to test the responsiveness.

This is the second column block. It has 3 columns.

Paragraph 2 is in the middle.

Paragraph 3 is in the last column.

The third column block has 4 columns. Make sure that all the text is visible and that it is not cut off.

Now the columns are getting narrower.

The margins between the columns should be wide enough,

so that the content of the columns does not run into or overlap each other.

Column one.

Column two.

Column three.

Column four.

Column five.

To change the number of columns, select the column block to open the settings panel. You can show up to 6 columns. If the theme has support for wide align, you can also set the alignments to wide and full width.

Below is a column block with six columns, and no alignment:

Column one.

Column two.

Column three.

Column four.

Column five.

Column six.

Next is a 3 column block, with a wide alignment:

Column one.

Column two.

Column three.

And here is a two column block with full width, and a longer text. Make sure that the text wraps correctly.

This is column one. Sometimes, you may want to use columns to display a larger text, so, lets add some more words. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec mollis. Quisque convallis libero in sapien pharetra tincidunt. Aliquam elit ante, malesuada id, tempor eu, gravida id, odio. Maecenas suscipit, risus et eleifend imperdiet, nisi orci ullamcorper massa, et adipiscing orci velit quis magna. Praesent sit amet ligula id orci venenatis auctor. Phasellus porttitor, metus non tincidunt dapibus, orci pede pretium neque, sit amet adipiscing ipsum lectus et libero. Aenean bibendum. Curabitur mattis quam id urna. Vivamus dui. Donec nonummy lacinia lorem. Cras risus arcu, sodales ac, ultrices ac, mollis quis, justo. Sed a libero. Quisque risus erat, posuere at, tristique non, lacinia quis, eros.

Column two. Cras volutpat, lacus quis semper pharetra, nisi enim dignissim est, et sollicitudin quam ipsum vel mi. Sed commodo urna ac urna. Nullam eu tortor. Curabitur sodales scelerisque magna. Donec ultricies tristique pede. Nullam libero. Nam sollicitudin felis vel metus. Nullam posuere molestie metus. Nullam molestie, nunc id suscipit rhoncus, felis mi vulputate lacus, a ultrices tortor dolor eget augue. Aenean ultricies felis ut turpis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse placerat tellus ac nulla. Proin adipiscing sem ac risus. Maecenas nisi. Cras semper.

We can also add blocks inside columns:

  1. This is a numbered list,
  2. inside a 3 column block
  3. with a wide alignment.

The middle column has a paragraph with an image block below.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec mollis. Quisque convallis libero in sapien pharetra tincidunt. Aliquam elit ante, malesuada id, tempor eu, gravida id, odio. Maecenas suscipit, risus et eleifend imperdiet, nisi orci ullamcorper massa, et adipiscing orci velit quis magna.

-This third column has a quote

Theme Reviewer

But wait there is more!  We also have a block called Media & Text, which is a two column block that helps you display media and text content next to each other, without having to first setup a column block:


Media & Text

A paragraph block sits ready to be used, below your headline.

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